New thc cartridges! 

100% all natural and lab tested, pesticide free. 

PRODUCTS: all cartridges are 1gram, 40$ Each

Vape Pens: 18$ Each

Dab Darts: 1000 MG 40$ Each

Live Resin Sugar Wax 1 gram: 40$ Each

Dab Darts: 40$ per 1000 mg syringe!

700mg THC - 150mg CBD


Indica Dab Darts:

-Wedding Cake

-Empire OG

-King Louis


Sativa Dab Darts:

-Mango Dream

-Sour Diesel

Hybrid Dab Darts:

-Pineapple Xpress


Bulk Offers: Includes THC Carts, Dab darts & Live resin!!! 

if you buy 5 or more items :only 35$ Each!

If you buy 10 or more items:

only 30$ Each!

If you buy 20 or more items:

only 25$ Each!

All cartridges contain 87.5%THC, 0.30 CBD, 93.45 Total Cannabinoids

Indica Cartridges:

-Stawberry Cough

-BlueBerry Kush

-Skywalker OG


-Grape Ape

-Strawberry Nana


Sativa Cartridges:

-Lemon Haze

-Sour Diesel

-Blue Dream

-Pineapple Express

-Jack Herer

Hybrid Cartridges:


-Blue Raspberry

-Peach Rings-OUT OF STOCK



-Girl Scout

Edibles: Medicinal Cannabis

All edibles are Hybrid

Fruit Snacks 5 pieces 50mg each....20$

Twizzlers 5 pieces 50mg each....20$

Air Heads 5 pieces 50mg....20$

Life Savers 5 pieces 50mg....20$

Cherry Straws 5 pieces 50mg....20$


Live Resin Sugar Wax 1 Gram

Only 40$ Each!!





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